I want to say a very sincere and very belated thank you to Jared Blake DiCroce of the blog JaredBlakeDiCroce: Chicken soup for the deranged and enlightened mind. Back in January, Jared named this blog as one of his “7 & 7 Awards.” The 7 & 7 award is a tradition where bloggers will highlight seven blogs that they find influential or valuable. The reason I’ve waited until now to say thank you is because I’m a rather oblivious person, and didn’t see his notification to me until nine months later.

Here is what Jared said, and it’s one of the nicest pieces of feedback I’ve received:

Insight into the human mind lever looked so good or read so well. Sure we’d like more from this sparing poster, but what we get is amazingly dense brain fodder that you can feast on for weeks. When I see this Poster has come up with something new to share I, A) Get nerd chills, Then, B) fumble over the keyboard because I cant get there quick enough. Want something interesting, other than what you find here ;-) — get over there!

Thank you, Jared. Everybody, please check out Jared’s fun and creative blog.

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